Volume 3 issue 2

Published: 2022/11/12

  • Preface on Intelligence, Informatics and Infrastructure special issue of EVACES 2021

    Ji DANG, Tomonori NAGAYAMA
  • Verification of the tension estimation method for cables with dampers using laboratory experiments and field measurements on a Cable-Stayed bridge

    Aiko FURUKAWA, Katsuya HIROSE, Ryosuke KOBAYASHI
  • In-situ measurements validation for dynamic behaviour assessment of the Galleria Dell'accademia Di Firenze (Italy)

    Silvia MONCHETTI, Gianni BARTOLI, Michele BETTI, Claudio BORRI, Claudia GEROLA, Andrea GIACHETTI, Cecilie HOLLBERG, Vladimir C. KOVACEVIC, Carlotta MATTA, Giacomo ZINI
  • Development of Cloud-based sensing system for Extraction/Transmission of only peak acceleration response

    Yoshihiro NITTA, Akira NISHITANI
  • From quasi-static calculation of an aerial tramway system to traveling cycle time optimization

    Hugo BECU, Claude-Henri LAMARQUE, Alireza TURE SAVADKOOHI, Michel GILLARD, Christophe BOTTOLLIER
  • Human-in-the-loop robotic inspection - framework and Point Cloud assessment

    ZhiQiang CHEN, Qingli ZENG
  • Application of a multiple-tuned mass damper to control floor vibrations

    Mehdi SETAREH