Author guide

Manuscript Preparation

  1. General guidelines

    1. The manuscript must be written in English. Title, author, and affiliation should all be included on the first page of the manuscript file, followed by an Abstract that should not exceed 300 words, and 3 ~ 5 keywords.
    2. Manuscripts should be concise and should not contain anything other than text, equations, figures, photographs, or tables.
    3. Please do not include any personal expressions, advertisements, or anything similar to advertisements.
    4. Format of the paper can be downloaded from
  2. Chapters, sections and subsections

    The heading numbers for chapters, sections and subsections are as follows:

    1., 2., 3. Chapter …………….
    (1), (2), (3) Sections ………
    a), b), c) Sub-sections……………

    Headings should be written in Times New Roman and left-aligned. Please do not use other styles.
  3. References Format

    As per JSCE journals, reference should be written in accordance to the examples presented below:
    1. Miles, J. W. : On the generation of surface waves by shear flows, J. Fluid Mech., Vol. 3, Pt. 2, pp. 185-204, 1957.
    2. Miche, M. : Amortissement des houles dans le do-maine de l’eau peu profonde, La Houile Blanche, No. 5, pp. 726-745, 1956.
    3. Gresho, P. M., Chan, S. T., Lee, R. L. and Upson, C. D. : A modified finite element method for solving the timedependent incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, part 1, Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids, Vol. 4, pp. 557-598, 1984.
    4. Shepard, F. P. and Inman, D. L. : Nearshore water circulation related to bottom topogrphy and wave refraction, Trans. AGU., Vol. 31, No. 2, 1950.
    5. Smith, W. : Cellular phone positioning and travel times estimates, Proc. of 8th ITS World Congress, CD-ROM, 2000.
  4. Figures, tables, and photographs

    1. The figures, tables, and photographs should be laid out on the same page at the top or bottom as much as possible. Do not insert text next to figures, tables or photographs.
    2. Pictures and pictures can be colored. The recommended resolution is 1200 dpi for monochrome images and 300 dpi for color/grayscale images.
    3. When citing figures, tables or photographs from other publications, the source must be clearly indicated and the consent of the original author must be specified.
  5. Equations and units

    1. Use conventional symbols as much as possible for letters, symbols, and unit symbols used in formulas and diagrams. Attach a list of symbols as an appendix if necessary. Formulas should be as simple as possible.
    2. When using an expression, give the definition of the symbol in text when it first appears. Do not use the same symbol in more than one sense.
    3. Use the SI system of units in the manuscript.